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“Maria-Christina Williams guided me in getting crystal clear about how I wanted to feel and experience life – Balanced, Flexible and Free.  I now am Free to enjoy a part time flexible career, greater mobility and Flexibility in my body, and Balance in my life of Fun, Family, Home, Work and Wellness!”

“Clear and Powerful.  That is how I feel every time I speak with Maria Christina Williams. Whether I’m confused about what’s stopping me or aggravating me about something or I want some extra guidance to ensure my success in accomplishing something,  Maria Christina knows how to get me to see the heart of an issue quickly and precisely.  I experience so many AHA moments that lift me up without any judgment on her part. She helps me to tap into my abilities, desires and visions. If you want to talk to someone who can help you cut through the “bullshit” in our minds and lives and move forward on something, she is the one.  I highly recommend her.”

“The session was so very helpful to me and that it triggered my ability to clarify my thinking. You helped me to remember that all things begin with your thinking. And she coached me on Sunday, I took written notes and many more mental notes. I walk away from the session knowing that I have been given the opportunity to speak clear thoughts regarding my intention in any given situation in life. Once again thank you!”

“My session with Maria-Christina was really wonderful and I was so grateful to learn so much about creating intentions and how to choose good feeling words that could help me to be in a more allowing good feeling vibration! (Still can hardly believe how fast the time flew by!) I really appreciate you and your very generous gift! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Many blessings to you!”

“Maria-Christina helped me understand that my feelings are my point of attraction. After the session I have a greater understanding of the significance of emotions and their impact on my vibrational offering and what I am attracting.”